The settlement located in the beautiful picturesque hilly landscape on the two banks of the Rive Zala, its idyllic village tranquillity and 43 C degree thermal springs has become a popular excursion and holiday destination for families, old and young people alike.


The recently completed thermal spa bath truly deserves to be called a family spa. Spa baths, giant slides and saunas offering complete relaxation are just some of services we offer to holidaymakers and guests just wanting to have a break. (


The settlement is located close to Lake Balaton, Keszthely, as well as Lake Hévíz. A number of excellent excursions can be made in the area: to Rezi Castle, Tátika Castle, Sümeg Castle, the Stupa of peace at Zalaszántó, or the Upper Balaton National Park.


There is also entertainment available for active holidaymakers, namely: horse-riding in the village and its surroundings, hanggliding, buggies for children in the fields, fishing, hunting, cycling, touring.

The famous chute of the Kehiada Thermal. It is a great fun. The children are eager to slide down on it.The overview of the Kehida ThermalThe nearby airport offers quads, buggies and a glider with a well trained pilot.

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